Pouffe – World Map




Shipped from our friends at Lorena Canals

The Pouf World Map comes as the perfect accessory for your big dream! Travel all around the world with this soft pouffe! A soft earth globe for kids to explore the world! Bounce this world map doubles soft seating whenever needed! 

Size: 1′ 5″ x Ø2′ 3″

1′ 5″ x Ø2′ 3″
Beige, Natural, Lino, Grey, Linen, Light Blue
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Cover: 97 % cotton 3 % other fibre Filler: a mix of fibre from recycled PET bottles, and polystyrene pearls.

Registrated Design Nº 1.187
Net Weigh
5,06 lb

  • Handmade:carefully handmade one by one, and in a traditional way.
  • Eco-friendly: Natural cotton and nontoxic dyes.
  • Light thanks to their soft and flexible composition.
  • Easy to combine: you can combine it with other elements to create a warm and cozy atmosphere.


        • A handmade and a carefully designed product. Each piece is unique, hence there may be small variations in color and shape.
        • This product complies with all quality and safety regulations for children. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001 certified.
        • An environmentally friendly product. Free from toxic dyes or contaminants.
        • Suitable for subfloor heating.
        • Made in India.

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