Presale – Halloween Limited Edition – Werewolf Fox Kin + Bat Mini Set



Estimated ship date: late September 2021

The Slumberkins Halloween Limited Edition –  Werewolf Fox Kin + Bat Mini Set gives the little one the perfect Halloween duo.

Add Bat Mini to the Werewolf Fox Kin. With a shy smile, sweet sleepy face, and wings that wrap around his fuzzy body, Bat Mini is sure to be everyone’s best friend this Halloween season.  

Product Includes:

  • Werewolf Fox Kin – measures approx. 6″W x 14″L
  • Bat Mini – measures approx. 6″L x 14″W (with wings expanded)
  • Halloween Fright Affirmation Card – 5″W x 7″L
  • Halloween Fright Hardcover Book – 8″W x 10″L

“Halloween Fright” Hardcover Book encourages children to lean into their curiosity and face their fears when they feel ready. Reflect & Connect Questions support thoughtful discussions and deepen children’s learning. Practicing the “Halloween Fright” affirmation card reminds children that their intuition is supported and they can carry the story’s lessons with them wherever they go.

  • Promotes: Inner Wisdom, Mindfulness, Empathy

    Slumberkins Emotional Toys promote Anxiety Management, Coping Skills, Stress Relief, and Skill Building. Each Slumberskin is designed by a therapist and educator, each collection supports important emotional skills All Slumberskins toys are  machine washable because messes happen — NBD